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Welcome to Annals of Case Reports, a leading open access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality case reports from all clinical and medical specialties. Our mission is to provide a platform for clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals to share their unique clinical experiences and insights, advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

Case reports are an important tool for clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals to share their experiences and insights into clinical practice. They provide valuable information on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of rare and challenging cases, helping to improve patient outcomes and inform future clinical decision-making.

At Annals of Case Reports, we are committed to the highest standards of editorial excellence and rigorous peer review. Our editorial team is comprised of experts from a diverse range of medical specialties, ensuring that each case report is reviewed by an expert in the relevant field.

We are proud to be an open access journal, which means that all articles published in Annals of Case Reports are freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world. This ensures that our content is accessible to all healthcare professionals, regardless of their location or financial resources.

We welcome submissions from healthcare professionals around the world, and our publication process is designed to be fast, efficient, and transparent. Our online submission and peer review system is user-friendly and efficient, ensuring that authors receive timely feedback on their submissions.

Thank you for your interest in Annals of Case Reports. We look forward to receiving your submissions and sharing your clinical experiences and insights with our readers.

Annals of Case Reports
annals of case reports
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Impact Factor* 4.48
ISSN 2574-7754
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