Article In Press

Does the Surgical Technique Applied Influence Muscle Activation after ACL Reconstruction?

Thomas Bartels, Wolfgang Laube,, Stefan Pröger, Kay Brehme, René Schwesig, Karl-Stefan Delank, Eduard Kurz

A Rare 10-Year Outcome Inverted Replacement of the Mitral Valve with a Mechanical Aortic Valve Prosthesis in an Achondroplastic Dwarfism

He Wang, Qing Xue, Jun Wu, Guangwei Zhou, Yifan Bai, Jiajun Zhang, Keng Zhong, Chengliang Cai, Lin Han, Guanxin Zhang

Inverted Papilloma-A Case Report and Literature Review

Ali Sadeghi,, Joel Epstein,, Ayushi Naik, Firoozeh Samim

Prosthetic Mitral Valve Stenosis Caused by Preserved Native Anterior Mitral Valve Leaflet

Sigurdur Ragnarsson, Andrea Amabile, Arnar Geirsson, Markus Krane

Fatal Acute Encephalopathy Associated with Influenza A Infection in a Pediatric Patient with Low-Grade Pediatric Glioma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Esposto MP, Vitale V, Balter R, Bonetti E, Caddeo G, Chinello M, Pezzella V, Zaccaron A, Ricciardi GK, Sala F, Cesaro S

Massive Cardiac Lipomatosis of the Right Heart as Cause of Sudden Cardiac Death

Cecilia Salzillo, Sonia Maniglio, Grazia Nucci, Teresa Lettini, Gabriella Serio, Andrea Marzullo

Reality or Fiction of the “Real Presence” of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist?

Irene Virgolini, Bettina Zelger, Bernhard Zelger, Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Lukas Kenner

Solitary Renal Impairment in a 68-Year-Old Patient Caused by an α- Fibrinogen Amyloidosis

Monika Beliančinová,, Patrícia Kleinová,, Matej Vnučák,, Karol Graňák,, Jana Kršiaková, Patrik Flódr, Marián Mokáň, Ivana Dedinská,

Sub Mitral Left Ventricular Aneurysm with Severe Mitral Regurgitation: A Case Report

Waqar A Khan, Syed M Muhammad, Khawaja A Muhammad, Asad B Awan, Syed S Ashraf

Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Septic Arthritis: A Case Report

AbdulRahman AlDaithan, Mohanad Antar, Hala AlAlem

Acute Late-Onset Diffuse Encephalopathy Secondary to Target Therapies in Metastatic Melanoma

Manuel Croix, Pierre Branger, Marion Sassier, Anne Dompmartin, Jean Matthieu L’Orphelin

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: A Case Report and Differential Diagnoses

Fatima Gul , Haseeb Manzoor, Bilal Aman, Mansoor Aman, Abdul Hameed

A Rare Case of Hepatic Artery Pseudoaneurysm by Penetrating Duodenal Ulcer in an Early Living Donor Liver Recipient

Imtiakum Jamir, Rekha Subramaniyam, Vipin Pal Singh, Niteen Kumar, Nitesh Agrawal, Gaurav Sood, Abhideep Chaudhary

A Clinical Case of Hypogonadism and Anosmia Associated with a New Mutation of the KAL1/ ANOS1 Gene

Del Prete Michela, Muratori Fabrizio, Di Sacco Gianleone, Vignati Federico, Gavazzi Lidia, Persani Luca, Bonomi Marco

Two Liver Transplant Center’s Experience of Dengue-Associated Acute Liver Injury

Moana Gelu-Simeon, Philippe Ichaï, Claire Francoz, André Cabié, Eric Saillard, Cécile Herrmann, Pierre Bedossa, Mylène Sebagh, François Durand,

Acute Upper Limb Arterial Thrombosis: A Complication of COVID-19

Catherine Paschoud, Pierre-Henri Morère, Christophe Marti, Omar Kherad