Author Guidelines

1. Title/Heading

Suitable to the subject and not irrelevant to its detail work.

2. Details of the Author

The details (Full Names and Affiliations) of all the authors should be given in the manuscript.

3. Author Affiliation:

Respective Author Full Name, Department/Institution/University, City should be drafted with the article.

4. Corresponding Author:

Full Name, Department/Institution/University, City, State, Country, Telephone, Fax and Email.

5. Abstract

Should be relevant, self?explanatory, comprehensive and brief in nature correlating to the total subject matter and give a notion as summary to the detailed script portrayed by the author while getting the experiment findings in exhaustive manner. It should also relate to significant outcome and further scope to continue in the field.

6. Keywords

In alphabetical order, separated with semicolons and exhibit catchy nature with respect to the subject.

7. Text includes the following

  • Introduction: states the reason for the research: identifies and discusses findings of others, includes a review of the literature.
  • Materials and Methods: describes the research population or study sample, describes the method used to gather information or data collection and describes the means used for measuring or measures.
  • Results: summarizes the results and present findings using text, charts, graphs and tables, Legends for tables, charts, graphs and figures.
  • Discussion: analyzes findings, explains the significance of the research, and suggests future projects.
  • Conclusion: Conlusion of your article.
  • Acknowledgement: Includes affirmation of individuals, grant details, funds, and conflict of interest.
  • References: an alphabetical listing of works that were cited and used to support the research

Format preferably in Word?Processing i.e. Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX).